(pronounced ouais)

by Whêh

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First self produced release of Whêh including original compostions and a cover of Sleep.
Recorded by Péah during winter 2016 at Tree Tones studio in Chaponost.

Special thanks to Sacha, Gégé (rard), Héloïse, Marie-Louise, Marie-Jeanne, and you.


released April 24, 2017




Whêh Lyon, France

Collision impromptue entre un batteur dijonnais et un guitariste lyonnais. Constatant des centaines d'influences communes, la fatalité les amena à jammer. La suite est en ce moment même en train de faire joujou avec vos frêles tympans..

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Track Name: High
An instinctiv' quest : happiness
Boundless pleasures to implore
In life
Life becomes your desires's slave

Bright sensations killing innocence
Medication to the whole non-sense

Inspiration search for light in darkness
Your main target is your own lazyness

Compulsive additions of evictions
Contemplations of your life as fiction

High & Low
That's what it is..
Track Name: Low
By myself
My wonderful self

I hate myself
For being blind
Acting like a shit
With out my mind
Track Name: Acid Sweaty Weather
Summer night in the Shelter
Doors open to the acid stormy weather
Light shines through the wall's hole

Hathor's celebration
Through the sounds o' souls and meditation
Trembling are the whole walls

Here we are
I can feel now everything

Lightnetic filling the dark
Feed the wall spiders paranoïak
Suffocating all is

They have no smell
They just fall
Into the empty spaces

You are blind
Just take a look arround
See the world falling down
Under the ground
Track Name: Holy Sleep's Mountain
Slumber killed by rays of the new red sun arising
Dreamer wakens to spectral gaze of light rays shining
Black steed carries him across the astral sand
Rides alone is the man from the magic caravan

I believe the signs of the reptile master
Sunbound spacepod rising faster
Earth drenched in black under starless sky above
Man on the mountain sets free the holy dove

Look onto the rays of the new stoner sun rising
Sonic Titan rides out on clouds of new horizon
Look onto the rays of the new stoner sun rising
Sonic Titan rides out on clouds of new horizon